Accomodation for up to 60 people. Mud brick cabins that sleep 6 are comfortable all year round. A large dining room and rec room with open fireplace. Clean and spacious amenities blocks. Spacious grounds, walking paths, outdoor eating facilities and

Camp Layout Map


Spacious and modern commercial kitchen. Delicious and nutritious meals available or you can self cater.Read More


Water sports, table tennis, piano, outside under cover eating, bocce rink, basketball, low ropes, climbing wall, nature walks and bike rides.Read More

Our Mission

We aim to provide a professional service at our clean and comfortable facilities. We strive to develop exciting activities for all groups, kids and adults. We take pride in sharing our "local knowledge". We offer a memorable camping experience and provide outstanding support, treating all campers as special clients. We listen to our customers and offer a value for money experience that ensures camper satisfaction.

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