Camp Procedures and Camper Expectations

The facilities and equipment are provided by Munjara Outdoor Centre for the benefit of all campers. It is the objective of all individuals to maintain them in good order. It is the responsibility of each group to ensure that campers understand and follow the Camp rules. Each group must have a competent leader in charge to liaise with the Camp Management. The group leader is responsible for camper supervision at all times.

The recommended ratio for school groups is one adult for every ten students or part thereof. Some activities, such as canoeing and rockclimbing, have a lower recommended ratio -consult Munjara staff. It is recommended that non-school groups also follow these recommended ratios.

The Centre is to be maintained in a clean and hygienic state by the campers. Campers are to provide duty groups to set tables for each meal, wash dishes and clean dining room kitchen, and rec room. Duty Groups are to be supervised by visiting staff. Other daily duties will be specified by the Manager. Leave the camp as you found it. Cleaning can be arranged for an additional fee.

Campers must not enter the camp prior to the allocated time and must not overstay the allocated departure time. All areas of the camp are to be cleaned as directed by the Management and inspected prior to departure. All equipment is to be returned and losses or breakage to be accounted for. Centre staff need to brief the campers as soon as practical after arrival. It is the responsibility of the group leader to assemble campers at a mutually convenient time. If campers arrive individually, then it is the responsibility of the group leader to convey the safety briefing to the campers according to the Manager's directions. There will also be a staff briefing as soon as practical after arrival.

First aid is the responsibility of the camp hirer, who must provide own first aid equipment and trained staff. All injuries and illnesses must be recorded on an Injury Register Form, which is to be retained by the camp. The camp leader is responsible for ensuring that they have the appropriate permission/health forms. A list of names of all campers (including staff) must be entered on to the Camper Register and given to the camp manager as soon as possible after arrival.

Emergency Procedures notices are posted at each doorway throughout the camp and campers should be familiar with them. Emergency Management Plans are located in the kitchen, staff cabin and the office. Staff should become familiar with this document as soon as possible after arrival. Hoses, extinguishers and smoke detectors are vital and should not be tampered with. Campfires are to be lit in properly constructed fire places, after checking first with the Manager. Campers must will warned of local hazards and out of bounds areas including the lake, climbing wall, ropes course, staff accommodation and storerooms.

All breakage and losses to camp property or equipment are to be reported to Manager. They will be charged to the final account. Vehicle parking is strictly at the owner's risk and only in areas as directed No camper is permitted to bring firearms, animals or pets onto property or to disturb the environment. All buildings on the camp are designated 'smoke free'. Mattresses and blankets should not be removed from cabins. Ball games should not be played near buildings or courtyard.

There is limited mobile service at Munjara. The best service as of 2013 is with Telstra. There is no pay phone at Munjara. Campers can be contacted on 0351 483 00.9. There is an STD bar on the phone -reverse charge calls can be made from Camp by calling the operator on 12550. As the phone is for emergencies, please ensure that all other calls are paid for. The camp is in an area of limited mobile converge.

The Camp provides some specialist equipment for recreation and sports activities, including ropes course, initiative activities, archery, canoeing and rockclimbing. It is the responsibility of the camp users to provide adequately trained leaders for all activities undertaken. Canoeing, climbing/abseiling on the on-site wall can only be undertaken with Munjara staff conducting the activity. A copy of your programme should be sent to the Camp at least two weeks before the commencement of your camp.

As there are other residents nearby, please keep all noise to an acceptable level, especially after 11.00pm. Water fights, raids and unruly behaviour are not part of camp life and leaders are asked to remind campers to respect each other, property, the facilities and the environment. Food and drink may be consumed in the Dining Room or out of doors. The group leader is responsible for camper supervision at all times. Munjara staff are responsible for camper safety during activities that are run by Munjara staff (e.g. canoeing, rockclimbing etc.), as directly related to the provision of equipment and instruction in that activity, Visiting staff are responsible for general student behaviour on the way to, from and during the activity. Visiting staff may be given specific duties during Munjara led activities.

The dishwasher is provided for use by catered groups only. Munjara staff will clean and maintain the dishwasher. Directions on how to use the dishwasher will be given to visiting staff during the staff briefing on arrival. Children must be supervised when using the dishwasher. Self-catering groups are to wash by hand. The kitchen and dining room are to be kept clean at all times -spills to be wiped up, floors to be swept and mopped etc. An industrial stove/oven, fridge, crockery, pots, urn, etc. are available to self-catering groups. Please bring your own food, drink, tea towels etc. Catered groups are to provide details of final numbers, dietary requirements (including allergies, vegetarian etc.), catering requirements related to programme (e.g. packed lunch), etc., at least one week prior to the commencement of your camp.